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Five Ways to Reduce Home Heating Bills During the Fall and Winter

April 9th, 2012 Home

During the wintertime, it can get awfully cold, depending on where you live. With heating costs on the rise, staying warm can be an expensive proposition, especially in a tough economy such as currently exists. It is therefore important to keep gas and electric charges down as much as possible. To that end, here are five ways to reduce home heating bills during the fall and winter.

1) Change out your filters.
Ideally, filters should be changed every month, but if not a lot of dirt is present, they may be able to last three months without issue. However, you definitely want to replace them at least twice a year, once at the beginning of fall and once at the start of spring.

As filters are used, they collect dust. As the dust settles and clumps, it blocks the airways of your system. Ultimately, blocked paths means your unit has to work much harder than it should to release heat throughout your home. Working harder means more energy is used and that results in your heating bill being higher than it would otherwise. Not only that, but this extra work by the unit could damage your system, and repairing it could be expensive.

If you are on your own or otherwise unable to change the filter yourself, contact a professional heating company. Most will change the filter for you while conducting a tune up of your system, or come out and switch it out for a fee.

2) Layer your clothing and sleep smart.
This may sound like common sense, but there is a reason for that. Whether you are a stay at home type or a professional worker out and about, when you layer your clothing, you can adjust to the warmth of your surroundings. The warmer you can keep yourself without raising the heat or even turning the unit on at all, the better you control heating costs. Sweatsuits are great, too.

In addition, use heavy quilts for the colder months, and if possible, keep the heat off. When you are sleeping, you do not need the house to be that warm when you are lying peacefully under warm blankets and bedding. You can also use electric blankets to control the warmth of your bed and avoid overall house warming costs.

3) Use a programmable thermostat.
When you have a programmable thermostat, you can preset the temperatures for different times of the day. You can even control the tempertures for specific days. This lets you have a hotter house when needed and saves from heating the home when no one is home.

4) Use desktop portable heaters.
One of the most inexpensive ways to save is to use personal heaters that rests on desktops or tables. These keep small areas warm. For example, your workspace while at the computer.

5) Check out your heating system.
Tuning up your unit ensures that connections are secure, all moving parts are working properly, and the unit is cycling as it should.

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